FAQs for Rentals at Celebrations

What are your showroom hours?+

The showroom is open Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00. In the Summer months we are also open on Saturday 8:00 to 4:00. Closed Sundays and holidays.

What hours are deliveries available?+

Standard delivery hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 and Saturday 8:00 to 4:00. Charges are based on distance from our facility and quantity of items rented. After hour deliveries can be arranged at an additional cost. We offer Sunday delivery and pick up during peak season (May – September) at standard delivery fees.

Can you guarantee delivery times?+

Our standard delivery fee covers general delivery times. If you need a delivery during a very narrow time window, there will be an additional charge.

Is there a minimum required to place an order?+

No. We can take care of all events, large or small.

How are rental rates determined?+

Rental rates include pickup or delivery of your items the day before the event, the day of the event, and the day after the event to return the items. If the return date falls on Sunday or holidays, then the items are due back the next business day.

How and when do I pay?+

At the time of the reservation a 50% deposit is required. Deposits on tents are non refundable. Deposits on all other items are refundable prior to 2 weeks before the event. The balance is due 72 hours before the event. We require that a portion of your total be paid by credit or debit card. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept checks.

May I change or cancel items on my order?+

Items not cancelled 14 days prior to your pickup day will be cancelled at a 50% cancellation fee. Items not cancelled until pickup day will be charged out at full price. Reductions to item counts, not to exceed 20% of item total, may be made until noon 3 days before delivery or customer pickup. After that, orders are packed, staged and invoiced, and therefore cannot be reduced. Additional items and quantities will be accepted until the close of business 3 days prior to delivery, or until the time of customer pickup. These additions will generally be packed and invoiced as a separate order. Please be aware that for delivery orders, additional delivery fees may apply if your order exceeds one truck.

What is the breakage policy?+

If you have purchased the damage waiver there is no additional charge for accidental damage caused by normal use while exercising the same care one would for their own property. Abuse, misuse and neglect are not covered under damage waiver. If you did not purchase a damage waiver, you will be billed replacement cost for the item(s). See our policies for details on the damage waiver coverage. Damage waiver does not cover items that are not returned. Broken items must be returned to be claimed under damage waiver.

May I place orders online?+

You may view all items and prices online and place a quote. To confirm your order and complete a reservation you must give us a call at 360-754-RENT (7368) or 800-823-3190.

How far in advance should I place my order?+

All rentals are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We would recommend tent reservations be placed at least several months in advance, and other items at least a month in advance. In any case, we will do our best to provide the items you need at the last minute.

May I pick up the items myself?+

Yes. You may pick up most items the day before your event and return them the day after your event during our normal business hours. Dance floor, large tents, Photobooth, Blodgett Ovens and our Tuscan backdrop must be delivered by us.

What should I expect if I choose to have my items delivered?+

Delivery fees are based on delivering to your dock, door or garage at ground level which is easily accessible to our trucks. If deliveries require us to carry items a distance greater than 50 feet, up stairs or in elevators, there will be an additional charge. Our drivers will stack the equipment in one location. Generally, delivery does not include any setup or take down, which is an additional cost. Some items must be installed by us; that cost will be included on your contract.

What should I expect if I choose to have my items picked up?+

If you have not paid for our setup and take down service, all items should be clean and assembled in the same single location as they were delivered. Tables and chairs must be folded, stacked and ready for pickup.

Do you offer event set up and take down?+

We offer set up and take down for tents & tent accessories, tables & chairs, backdrops, lighting, flooring and staging. Please call for rates: 360-754-RENT (7368) or 800-823-3190.

Am I responsible for cleaning the items before return?+

Dishes, silverware, utensils, holding units, etc. must be food free and re-packed in the same containers as they were delivered. Linens should be dry, free of loose food particles and debris (confetti) to prevent mildew and staining. Linens that are returned with burns, holes, tears or permanent stains will be billed at replacement cost. Stoves, ovens & grills must be returned "scraped off" clean; otherwise an additional charge for cleaning will be applied to the final price. All other items must be returned in the condition you received them.

How do I handle damp or wet linens after an event?+

If linens are wet, please let them air-dry before bagging them. This will help avoid mildew and other damages to the fabric. Additional charges may apply for damaged linen.

How big should my dance floor be?+

Please see our Dance Floor Chart under the Resources tab.

Do I have to pay for rentals that I do not use?+

Yes. Rentals are charged on time out, not usage.

Once I have the items may I keep them for a longer period than I contracted for?+

Possibly. You must first get approval from us and agree to any additional charges. We will do our best to accommodate your needs; however there may be times that items you have are reserved for another event right after yours, and cannot be kept for a longer period than originally contracted for.

How do you secure tents after they are set up?+

In most cases we must stake the tents into the ground or asphalt. It is the safest way to secure a tent. If this is not possible, we must do a site survey to determine other options for securing the tent.